Welcome to our Shepherd's Hut

The Shepherd's hut is located on Forest Farm in Porchfield (Isle of Wight). With wonderful countryside views, this is a splendid place to spend your peaceful holiday. Away from the hassles and noise of city life!

For 3 generations, the farm has been family run. We want to share with you the often-missed aspects of farm-life. Explore the nature, catching glimpses of wildlife, and indulge in a long walk across our fields or forests.

(you can even feed some of our baby animals!)

The actual Hut offers comfortable accommodation with a double bed, two bunk beds and a well styled-insides. With access to our swimming pool and a huge garden there's no excuses for you to get bored.

This is a perfect opportunity for either a romantic break or just a well needed escape from the troubles of daily life.

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