Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does it cost?

The below prices are for the whole Hut

Weekly Tariff
September - May   £480
June - August   £580

Per Night
September - May   £75
June - August   £95

Bedding Available

Extra Tent (up to 4 people)    £10/night

When are you open?

We are open all year!

How many people can we bring?

The Hut can accommodate 2 people, however you are able to bring an extra tent which could hold an extra 4 (this costs £10 per night.)

What about food?

Upon arrival you will be greeted with a freshly baked Victoria Sponge Cake and complementary tea & coffee.

The hut is self catering with kitchen facilities

Do you have WiFi?

WiFi signal from the main house will often reach our guests and 4G can be accessed in the area.

However, we believe this type of holiday is aimed to get you away from the modern distractions. Sit-back and relax!

Are there shops/restaurants nearby?

A Pub and general store are located nearby. Please ask one of the members of staff for directions.